As a Convicted Felon, Donald Trump Will be Able to Earn a Degree From Prison

Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 6:25pm UTC
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New York City, New York Jun 20, 2024 ( - In light of the conviction of former President Donald Trump on multiple felony counts, European-American University reaffirms its commitment to providing educational opportunities to incarcerated individuals, including high-profile new inmates like Mr. Trump, should he be sentenced to prison.

European-American University offers a unique pathway for those within the prison system to engage in lifelong learning and earn degrees based on their life experiences.

"At European-American University, we believe in the power of education to transform lives, regardless of one's circumstances," stated Professor John Kersey, the university's chancellor. "Our programs are designed to ensure that virtually anyone, even individuals in the most challenging situations, has access to quality education."

European-American University's distance learning platform enables incarcerated individuals to pursue various academic degrees including associate's, bachelor's, master's, and PhD levels. Additionally, the Validation des Acquis de l'Experience (VAE) process allows individuals to have their prior life and professional experiences validated as part of their educational achievements, emphasizing the recognition of experiential learning rather than traditional coursework.

"The inclusion of high-profile individuals like Mr. Trump, if he were to enroll, can help to highlight the transformative potential of our educational programs," added Professor Kersey. "It demonstrates that our university stands ready to assist all students in achieving their educational and personal development goals, even from behind bars."

European-American University's degree programs are particularly geared towards providing flexible learning opportunities that respect the diverse needs of its student body, including those whose circumstances have drastically changed. By offering degrees that recognize the value of experiential learning, European-American University contributes to preparing convicted felons like Mr. Trump for successful reintegration into society. It is important to note that the university's experience-based degree program does not award credits for criminal activities.

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About the author: John Kersey, with over two decades in leadership roles at European-American University, blends traditional academic values with modern educational methodologies. As Chancellor, his leadership fosters an inclusive atmosphere that encourages intellectual growth across global and diverse populations.

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