Can Technology and Humanity Coexist? Dr. Saju Skaria Reveals the Answer on the Author Your Brand Show

Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 6:24pm UTC
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Phoenix, Arizona Jun 20, 2024 ( - Business leader and bestselling author Dr. Saju Skaria shared his unique insights on the delicate balance between technology and human interaction on the latest episode of the "Author Your Brand Show." Hosted by Doug Crowe, Founder of Authority Fusion, the show highlighted Dr. Skaria's extensive experience and visionary approach to integrating technology in business while maintaining a strong human connection.

During the interview, Dr. Skaria recounted his journey from serving as an Air Force officer to taking on leadership roles in top-tier corporations such as IBM, Tata Consulting Services, Infosys, Xerox, and Capgemini. He emphasized how his military background fostered a deep sense of empathy and pride, which he carried into his corporate career. "The military life is all about people; they care for people. This experience instilled a strong sense of empathy and pride for my nation and fellow beings," Dr. Skaria said.

Dr. Skaria underscored the critical role of empathy in business, explaining how understanding and caring for both customers and employees can drive organizational success and foster a positive work environment. He also discussed his current focus on entrepreneurship and philanthropic efforts, believing that entrepreneurship offers significant opportunities to make meaningful contributions to society.

Leadership and communication skills were also highlighted as essential qualities. Dr. Skaria spoke about the importance of humility and the ability to delegate, stressing that effective leaders must surround themselves with competent team members and practice servant leadership. "Never assume that you have all the answers. Surround yourself with people better than you and always practice empathy and humility," he advised.

Dr. Skaria provided his perspective on the role of technology, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence. He believes that while technology will continue to advance, it should serve as an enabler to improve business processes and personal lives without compromising human interaction. "Technology is nothing but an enabler. It's all about making changes to business and the lives of people," he said.

Honesty and integrity in customer relations were other important points Dr. Skaria emphasized. He advocates for respecting customers and providing truthful guidance, even if it means challenging them. "While the customer may not always be right, they should always be respected and given honest advice," he noted.

Dr. Saju Skaria's professional journey is a testament to his dedication and visionary leadership. As the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Digitech Services Inc., he leads a dynamic team that provides comprehensive business consulting and IT services. Under his leadership, Digitech Services Inc. has become a trusted partner for clients worldwide, known for its customer empathy, rapid turnaround times, and cost-effectiveness.

In addition to his corporate achievements, Dr. Skaria is a bestselling author. His latest book, "Selected Reflections - A Transformational Journey," has garnered widespread acclaim. Demonstrating his commitment to philanthropy, Dr. Skaria has pledged that all proceeds from the book will support a charitable cause focused on underprivileged children, with a particular emphasis on supporting girl-children.

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