Oberbrunner Highlights "Easy IP" in Blockchain Talk

Monday, May 13, 2024 at 1:00pm UTC

CEDARVILLE, OHIO, May 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Kary Oberbrunner, the Berry chair of entrepreneurship at Cedarville University, will be speaking at the London Blockchain Conference on May 21-23. The international conference is expected to draw more than 12,000 participants.  

Oberbrunner joins a slate of speakers including tech company founders; CEOs such as Richard Baker of Tokenovate, Lily Douse of MOV3 and Clem Chambers of Online Blockchain; and experts, such as Alun Cairns MP and Andrei Kirilenko professor of finance at Cambridge Judge Business School, to discuss the latest innovations in Blockchain, AI and Web 3 technologies. 

An international speaker, Oberbrunner will share on protecting intellectual property through blockchain, a trustless public ledger. He’ll demonstrate his new patented technology Easy IP, which protects intellectual property faster, easier and cheaper than traditional means,  

“Having the opportunity to speak at the London Blockchain Conference is a dream come true,” shared Oberbrunner, who has invested time and energy into this topic for years, even building his own company, around technology. He will be drawing from his book “Blockchain Life: Making Sense of the Metaverse, NFTs, Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Web3” for his talk.  

Oberbrunner  hopes the event will allow attendees to embrace and benefit from blockchain technology. “My goal is to lower the bar of entry and reduce the friction for entrepreneurs.  I want them to create ideas more freely with the confidence of knowing their intellectual property is protected.” 

As an assistant professor of entrepreneurship at Cedarville, Oberbrunner is always looking for ways to connect his professional opportunities to the classroom.  

“I definitely draw from this experience when teaching my entrepreneurial accelerator class,” said Oberbrunner. “I’m currently doing exactly what I teach my students to do from idea generation to pitch to pricing. It’s both scary and exhilarating. I know what the students feel, sitting in the hot seat, bringing a new idea to the world. There’s nothing quite like entrepreneurship. The market quickly accepts or rejects your idea and despite all the due diligence. It’s impossible to predict the outcome. This is what makes the process so fun.” 

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By Ella Smith 

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  1. Dr. Oberbrunner Teaching Students  (Photo By Scott Huck)


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