The Happiness Warrior, Eric North explains how Self-Confidence can become a Superpower

Sunday, June 23, 2024 at 8:39pm UTC
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New York City, New York Jun 21, 2024 ( - Confidence is something that can channel a potential dose of the organic energy within that helps to proceed in life. Yet, a lot of people struggle to find that, and considering the needs of every individual, life coach, and author Eric North, also known as 'The Happiness Warrior' is here to help everyone. This person is known for his exceptional wisdom and practices that can help to find true happiness in life. His teachings can help people find the path to mental and physical well-being along with its balance. Eric has witnessed the lack of self-confidence of most of the people in the world around him which makes them keep feeling irritated, angry, and confused. To help everyone, he has shared the practices that can help everyone find self-confidence and more clarity in their lives.

'The Happiness Warrior' believes that most people are unhappy because they don't believe in and feel love for themselves. It is amazing to witness how much-unrealized potential just waiting to permit themselves. Everyone needs to find a place where happiness is easily realized and gratefully accepted. That can only be found within a confident mindset with no ungrounded fears. Finding the true value of living and living with purpose is what makes a person more resilient and knows how to stand their ground. While all humans possess a sense of self-confidence, it often overlaps with self-created emotions which are illogical at times.

Eric also addresses the fact that humans can feel different, and disconnected, and question the need for authenticity. The process is quite daunting sometimes as most people do not even know where to start. That is when people need to listen to their inner voice and trust themselves to find their authentic being. It allows humans to find a more confident and happier version of themselves. 'The Happiness Warrior' believes that all humans deserve to be happy, heard, and seen. All the opinions and thoughts matter and the truth falls somewhere in between. A life with self-acceptance and greater self-esteem can help to pave the way towards achieving eternal happiness.

It starts with developing a mindset that's self-developed and self-directed. According to Eric, confidence is a superpower that only grows within as everyone is born with a degree of self-confidence and high self-esteem. Perhaps the fading child-like innocence is what a person needs in life, yet life's hardships seem to drag everyone down. It is easy to get manipulated by the chaotic world where one can find themselves alienated and distrustful. Learning the true value of empathy and compassion is what makes a person more open-minded, happy, and caring towards others. Humans have a natural built-in instinct to help others and one should cultivate the virtue even further.

'The Happiness Warrior' offers the characteristics of a positive and self-confident personality that can help one understand what kind of mindset helps to progress in life. Eric says that self-confident people are fine with being alone, but they know that their actions will be amplified through working with others. They know the importance of savoring the journey is also a part of a healthy and happier life. Beauty and gratitude are not something that can enjoyed in a rush. Humans need to know how to celebrate their authenticity which is important to stand alone and face scrutiny and approval equally. One must learn to live with a sense of pride and accomplishment in any new situation.

The virtues of compassion and forgiveness can help to get over self-created shame, negative emotions, and guilt. It is important to learn from the mistakes as much as the victories and it is a sign of wisdom and grace. A cheerful countenance with a smile on the face of adversity and challenges is a sign of a confident person who is unwavering in life. Eric believes that replacing "I should" with "I am doing" is one of the greatest practices that can make a person reach a higher level of success in life. One should be grateful for the respect that they have created for themselves. Self-confidence also plays a vital role in all kinds of relationships where one can get rid of insecurities with a greater sense of self-acceptance.

The Happiness Warrior ensures that life is hard for everyone but only happy and self-confident humans know how to enjoy it fully. Nourishing own spirit and self-esteem is also one of the practices that empower a person from within. One must learn to pave their own path and Eric North is here to help everyone pave that with concrete trust and authenticity. Visit and get help from the warrior who fights for happiness for all.

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